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Does anyone know of a sorted collection class in Silverlight 4? SortedSet<T>, SortedList<T>, and SortedDictionary<T> all seem to be missing.

Of course I can use List<T>.Sort(), or the IEnumerable<T>.OrderBy() extension method. But I'd rather not have to do an O(n log n) sort every time an element is added or removed.

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Here you go. You can find a lot of Mono source code for missing framework classes just by searching for the name of the class + ".cs" on Google.


Sometimes you have to work out some compiler errors first but it should get you on your way.

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Cool, thanks! I'll try it out... –  Richard Beier Nov 23 '10 at 1:42
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Unfortunately sorted collections haven't made it into Silverlight (yet?)

You could have a look at The C5 Generic Collection Library, there's quite a lot of useful things in there, but possibly a bit heavyweight to import into your app depending how much you need.

The Silverlight Toolkit also includes an ordered dictionary based on Red-Black trees.

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Cool, I didn't know about the dictionary class in the toolkit... –  Richard Beier Nov 24 '10 at 2:05
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I was looking for something similar to SortedList in .NET (Something that stays sorted, not using LINQ over a dictionary or a collection to do sorting). I wasn't able to find anything so I came up with this solution. It works similar to a dictionary, maintaining a collection of keys and values and keeping both collections sorted by the key.


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