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I have a table with a lot of information. I have rules which need to be applied to the information to find rows out of policy. I need to be able to dynamically add rules, run them to find rows out of policy, and then display these rows in a table on a php website.

I now have a table with policies as sql code (cringe) stored as text. The web server gets all the policies and runs them. Then it merges all the tables and displays the result.

I HATE the fact that I am putting sql code into a table (moreover, that is editable!). I would love another way that doesnt lose the flexibility that sql statements allow in order to specify rules. Ideas?

Sub-question: is there a query that will run all the rules (some sort of exec) and merge and return the final table? A stored proc maybe?


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Who adds the new rules and how often? If the rules are expressed in SQL that return rows you could create VIEWS and store the view name in your database. The server would then execute a SELECT from all the view names returned. –  Tony Nov 23 '10 at 11:52
The user inputs the rule into the website which adds it to the db. –  chacham15 Nov 23 '10 at 18:04

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