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First... In IE6, on the right side, there are 10 photos. In IE7, IE8, Firefox, and Chrome, it appears correctly. But in IE6, the last two photos are separated from the rest by a giant block of space of about 60px.

Any ideas where this is coming from, how to get rid of it?

Been spending last 4 hours playing with these, can't figure it out.

Much appreciated, Thanks!

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You eliminate IE6 – cambraca Nov 23 '10 at 2:04
@cambraca - As much as I agree with you, it's not always an option. – Gert Grenander Nov 23 '10 at 2:19
@cambraca - Oh, come on. Don't be all defeatist. Eliminating IE6 is always a good option. – Phil.Wheeler Nov 23 '10 at 2:20
you may try something like this for ie users :P – crodjer Nov 23 '10 at 2:31

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Did you try to alter the width of .right class to be >=371px vs. 368? This worked for me.

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This seems to be the solution. Any idea why those 3 pixels make a difference in IE6? – codemonkey613 Nov 23 '10 at 4:34
Glad it helped. I suspect there is possibly some IE bug related to the box model in this particular markup (even though you set the correct DTD declaration).. well, it's all about IE6. – Denis Ivin Nov 23 '10 at 22:45

Add an overflow declaration to your #body .right .photo class:

    background:url("../images/bg-photo-trans.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
    overflow: hidden;
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In this instance, adding 'overflow:hidden' doesn't seem to make any difference. – codemonkey613 Nov 23 '10 at 4:23

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