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Does .NET has a class that supports AES OFB encryption?

I've tried to use AesCryptoServiceProvider but when I set the Mode to CipherMode.OFB I got an exception: Invalid algorithm specified

AesManaged doesn't allow feedback modes (based on the MSDN documentation)

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.Net 4.0 should

here is the reference


Here are the cipher modes available


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I got the same issues when using .Net 4.0 –  Joe Nov 23 '10 at 20:53

The base SymmetricAlgorithm class only supports CipherModes of CBC & CFB.

This can be overridden, but is not done so in the AesCryptoServiceProvider class. Perhaps a 3rd party library may implement these Cipher Modes.

*Clarification: [I was looking at .Net v3.5]

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