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In my form I have a QListWidget which contains checkable QListWidgetItems. I'm looking for a way to capture the event of a QListWidgetItem being checked/unchecked. I don't see any such signal existing for this but maybe I'm wrong. What I'm currently doing is using the QListWidget::itemClicked() signal and checking the checkState of the QListWidgetItem, but this isn't what I want because this event happens any time the item is clicked, not just went the checkmark is toggled. Can anyone give some assistance? Thanks!

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I think I can get around this using the QListWidget::itemChanged() signal, which is triggered when I check/uncheck an item, but it would also be triggered if I edit the value of the item which, although I'm not doing now, is still an imperfect solution. –  Joseph Nov 23 '10 at 5:30
Another problem with QListWidget::itemClicked() is that it doesn't fire when you use keyboard, e.g use the Space key to change the checked state. –  Hossein Mar 22 '13 at 11:30

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Apparently no such signal is provided, your best bet is to use QListWidget::itemChanged(QListWidgetItem* item) , and scan the resulting item->checkState(). This should be a slight improvement over using itemClicked

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