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I have working on C#.NET project.In this project we follow CAB framework(Win forms). Now we plan to moving CAB to Composite Application Library for WPF. THis migrating process what are the things i have to consider, follow & learn?

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View / GUI

  • XAML
  • dependency properties
  • two-way binding

Prism and Libraries

  • IoC, DI - Unity
  • Extension via Component Parts - MEF
  • event aggregator

I assume you're already familiar with application architectures that seperate business logic from UI logic, but for XAML applications and Prism in particular the MV-V-M pattern 'marries' the View to the business domain with less cumbersome hoops to jump than CAB.

Note that MEF is supported out of the box (alternative to Unity) with Prism 4.0, which is very recent.

See Also - MEF vs. IoC / DI

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An excellent MSDN article that contrasts CAB and Prism


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