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When I check the type hierarchy of a class that is derived from an interface in Eclipse, it doesn't show the interfaces. Is there a way to configure Eclipse to display the interfaces in the type hierarchy? Or is there any other way to see this information?

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CTRL-T is what you want.

Highlight the name of the class in the editor, hit CTRL-T twice. This will show you the supertype hierarchy in a little popup.

But wait, it gets better. Go to your interface. Put your cursor on a definition. CTRL-T (once) will show you all the classes that implement the interface. If you select one of these classes in the popup, it will take you straight to the implementation of the function you had your cursor on.

There, navigation between interfaces and their implementations just became a whole lot easier. Since I discovered this, I hardly ever use the Hierarchy view anymore.

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On OSX, the shortcut is ⌘T – pimlottc Apr 7 at 17:44

Did you click on "Show the Supertype hierarchy?

Because in this case, it will show the interfaces.

alt text

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After trying the accepted answer I got partial results, so I tried deleting Eclipse's index

Solved for me

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