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if (!(file_exists( {   
$filefound = '0';                         

why won't this work?

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if (!file_exists('')) {   
$filefound = '0';                         
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if (!file_exists($base_url.'images/thumbnail_1286954822.jpg')) { $filefound = '0'; } it's like this actually sorry. – anonymous Nov 23 '10 at 6:59
@anonymous actually it's not like this sorry, you didn't ask for $base_url + images/thumbnail_1286954822.jpg you asked for http:// mysite com/images/thumbnail_1286954822.jpg – Robert Pounder Apr 22 at 8:16
  1. The function expects a string.

  2. file_exists() does not work properly with HTTP URLs.

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Based on your comment to Haim, is this a file on your own server? If so, you need to use the file system path, not url (e.g. file_exists( '/path/to/images/thumbnail.jpg' )).

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