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guys any idea if this is related to the latest firefox built? or how can I resolve it?

JS Warning
reference to undefined property o.cache[H][E]
Line 12
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According to this email exchange with Jon Resig (creator of jQuery) this was a bug with jQuery not playing nicely with strict warnings mode in Firefox. Turn this off and it should go away.

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Some points that come to mind:

  • Are you serving the site as application/xhtml+xml? There are sometimes hickups with jQuery.

  • It could be, that the jQuery file was not completely transfered. Try to empty the browser cache and retry.

  • Try with the not-minified version of jQuery. Same error? Where exactly?

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Got it... This is a jquery problem.

I started to see the warning after I had ticked "Strict Warnings" (performance penalty) in Firebug.

I am guessing it's nothing to really worry about, tough it pisses me of that there's a small warning from my faverite js framework!

Thanks Boldewyn for your help anyways ;)

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