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How can i embed a mobile number with the external link using objective c. objective-c.

I have a link from my local server. This link will give some offers according to the users mobile number. I have hard coded the link with the mobile number. Now i wanted to get the mobile number in one variable and parse this variable along with the url which is coming from my local server.

The link which i hard coded will be like http://123.1.241/eService/service.asmx/offers?mobilenumber=1234456789

Instead of giving the mobile number here itself, i wanted to store this number in one variable and use that variable in the link itself.

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Depends really on the platform. On iOS for instance, you can craft a link like this:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"tel:1234456789"]];

That'll prompt the user to verify that they indeed want to call that number, opting to present them with the UIAlertView the system pops up, with a "Call" and "Cancel" button.

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phone number url looks like this: tel:1-123-456-6789

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