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I have this simple setup:

    <TextBox Text="wpf1" PreviewLostKeyboardFocus="TextBox_PreviewLostKeyboardFocus" />
    <TextBox Text="wpf2" PreviewLostKeyboardFocus="TextBox_PreviewLostKeyboardFocus" />
        <wf:TextBox Text="winforms" />

private void TextBox_PreviewLostKeyboardFocus(object sender, KeyboardFocusChangedEventArgs e)
    e.Handled = true;

Three textboxes, two WPF and one WinForm. I can't move focus between the two WPF-Textboxes which I desired but I can move focus to the WinForm-Textbox. The event PreviewLostKeyboardFocus does not even triggered when moving from a WPF-Textbox to a WinForm-Textbox. Any clues to why and how this could be solved?


I've noticed that WindowsFormsHost.PreviewGotKeyboardFocus is triggered first when focus is leaving the WindowsFormsHost again. Thats odd. Maybe it's a bug?

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