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Is there a simply way how to get the virt size of the Linux process from the C/C++ code? Thanks

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If you want to find out your the virtual size of own process you simply need to read /proc/self/status and find there the VmSize field

FILE* handle = fopen("/proc/self/status","r");
// and then read its conttent find the VmSize string and its value

If you want to know the virtual size of an arbitrary process then open "/proc/<process-id>/status" for the process and find there the VmSize field.

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Thank you, I used this solution. –  honzas Nov 25 '10 at 12:24

The most portable way is with getrusage() (see manpage) although if if your application is truly Linux specific then the suggested alternative of parsing /proc/self/status is just as good.

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