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In order to disable copying of my class I'm suppose to declare as private but not define operator=(const MyClass&) and MyClass(const MyClass&) - do I have to also disable move ctor for this class?

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It is still up to discussion whether move constructors will be implicitly generated (and when).

See this PDF by Stroustrup from 2010-10-17 with the subtitle Should move operations be generated by default?

BTW, in C++0x you can = delete functions rather than make them priviate and undefined.

class non_copyable {
    non_copyable(const non_copyable&) = delete;
    non_copyable& operator=(const non_copyable&) = delete;
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thank you for your answer. Unfortunatelly I work on VS2010 and they still didn't implemented delete construct. Good to know anyway. – There is nothing we can do Nov 23 '10 at 11:37
@There that's OK, they haven't implemented default generation of move constructors either so you don't have to explicitly disable them. – Motti Nov 23 '10 at 14:25

Quoting from the VS 2010 documentation:

Unlike the default copy constructor, the compiler does not provide a default move constructor.

So for VS 2010, it's not necessary to hide that. They don't specifically discuss default move assignment operators, but I assume they won't generate one, either.

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