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I am new to android, so thought of doing a small project on Native Contacts. Application should Add, Update & Delete Native Contacts through my application.

Adding & Deleting native contacts is working fine, but Update contacts is not working at all.

This is the code i am using for Update & Delete :-

Delete :-

cr.delete(uri, People._ID + "=" + id, null);

Update :-

values.put("data1", "Student_Name");

              values, "raw_contact_id=" + id, null);

Suppose i am adding a new contact in the Native itself i.e without using with my AddtoNative method :-

Name : Robert

Home Phone : 111111111

Work Phone : 222222222

Mobile Phone: 333333333

Work Fax : 444444444

Home Email : robert@gmail.com

If I have use update code given below :-

values.put("data1", "Student_Name");
              values, "raw_contact_id=" + id, null);

All data gets updated and gives the result :-

Name : Student_Name

Home Phone : Student_Name

Work Phone : Student_Name

Mobile Phone: Student_Name

Work Fax : Student_Name

Home Email : Student_Name

But in update, I just want to only update Work phone number or Home Phone number or Home Email field.

Any suggestions guys.........

Thanks in Advance.

Regards Raki

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Pls check this post: Add datas (phone number, notes etc...) to an existing contact (ANDROID 2.1)

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Thanks for the reply Asahi........... –  Raki Nov 24 '10 at 5:30

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