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My PHP script specs.php outputs the following:

    "hd": {
        "dimensions": [
        "sizes": [
            "603 KB",
            "265 KB",
            "438 KB" 
    "medium": {
        "dimensions": [
        "sizes": [
            "198 KB",
            "105 KB",
            "152 KB" 
    "status": "success"

With jQuery I load in the JSON and assign it to specs_obj
I can access the first item's "medium" "sizes" with specs_obj. medium.sizes[0]
How can I use a variable in the dot notation?

var specs_obj;
$.post("specs.php", {},
    function(data) {
        if (data.status == "success") {
                specs_obj = data;
        } else {}
    }, "json"

function writeSizes(preset) {
    // test get medium dimensions from first file
    var size = specs_obj. medium.sizes[0];
    // var size = specs_obj.preset.sizes[0];
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You can't use a variable in the dot notation, but you can use brackets notation:

var size = specs_obj[preset].sizes[0];

If preset contains the string "medium", that's functionally identical to:

var size = specs_obj.medium.sizes[0];
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Perfect! Cheers –  FFish Nov 23 '10 at 11:21

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