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Where can I find a guide to different postal address formats that are used in the major countries in the world?

For example, in the U.S. one format is:

street_number street_name street_type
city, state zipcode

But in Germany it might be:

street_name street_number
postcode city
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Lots of information here for many countries (first hit on google for "international postal address format")

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I have not found any definitive resource (there may not be one), but have found a several, which do not always agree. The first two seem helpful--though they seem to focus on addressing mail from the US to other countries. The third, a book on MSDN, varied significantly from the others and may be out of date.

  1. Address Doctor Address Formats
  3. Developing International Software Appendix V International Address Formats
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Have a look at this Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Address_(geography)

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There does seem to be a definitive resource here: Universal Postal Union Postal Addressing Systems in Member Countries.

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