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Hi i new to java i stuck here please help me... my problem is "I wrote a class to write the .properties file it is working fine when i run through normal application.But the problem is when i am using this in jsp means i have create object to this class and used it in my jsp but Iam unble to modify/write the .properties file and Iam not getting any errors".

what is the problem please explain and give if any solution to implement/write .properties file from jsp.

Regards, Venkatesh Gurram.

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Try posting the JSP code that isn't working. – Steven Benitez Nov 24 '10 at 3:32

There is no specific reason that a JSP cannot write a properties file. If it is not working and there are no apparent errors, then I suspect:

  • the properties file is really being written, but not in the directory you are expecting it to be written,
  • you have configured your logging to suppress error messages, or
  • you are looking for errors in the wrong place.

IMO, the first is the most likely, especially if you are providing a relative pathname for the properties file. (If you instantiate a FileOutputStream using a relative pathname, it will be resolved relative to the web server process's "current directory" ... which may not be where you think it is.)

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How did you define where you write your file ? Absolute or relative path ?

May be when you test your class you can write but when you test your jsp the location use the server location ?

Display the path in your jsp to check where it writes.

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