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I'm using nyroModal plugin. By simply putting a setup scripts in the head tag and define a class attribute with nyroModal will make that link open as a modal window.

<a href="Page1.aspx" class="nyroModal">Show</a>

Now, Page1.aspx will open in a modal window. This page has a simple asp:button having a OnClick defined with empty body:

<asp:button ID="btn" runat="server" OnClick="btn_Click"/>

void btn_Click(Object sender,  EventArgs e) {  }

If we click on the above link a window appears with a button and when I click on that button modal windows disappears (or break) and redirected to Page1.aspx.

Any idea, why is this happening?

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Try adding the following:

jQuery(function ($) { jQuery('.nyroModal').nyroModal({ 'blocker': '#Form' }); });

replace #Form with aspForm or whatever your form name is.

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