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I'm trying to work with a blog, by using Delphi. I want to upload movies, see/approve/modify comments, upload pictures, and I want to create a custom application to do all of those.

Please provide me if you know free or free to use for personal purpose components/Api's/etc, for Delphi 7 and up.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Radu

LE:Hope the question is not duplicated, I've searched on SO without finding any conclude results.

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1… has links to the API URL and the API specification – mjn Nov 23 '10 at 14:15

ok, so I understand that i should use a XML-RPC component/class to work with wordpress. like this: (or maybe you can give me other suggestions)

from here I found out how to work with XML-RPC from delphi

LE: will try with bs-xmlrpc also: (has anyone worked with it?)

best regards,

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I'm not using wordpress myself, but I notice there's a webservice plugin:

I assume if you can add this plugin to your website, you could be able to import the WSDL into Delphi and have a wrapper unit generated you could call the WordPress API with.

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