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I'm making a ruby server with a cache of info about the online clients. This info should be preserved when I turn off the server. I can store it in a simple array and save it with Marshal or I can use a SQL database (MySQL, probably). Which is better to use? I think the Array method is easly, but the SQL is faster than? Thanks!

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Welcome to SO by the way. –  Blue Nov 23 '10 at 13:53
In memory is always easy and fast, but scalability should be considered if you think your server will become popular. Keeping lots of data in RAM can be a real pain when you have to wait for the server to load it into memory after a crash. –  the Tin Man Nov 23 '10 at 19:27

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Actually I would expect storing the serialized array to be significantly faster, as no indexing or additional row allocation needs to take place. I think it all depends on whether you want to be able to perform queries on the information. If not, you don't really need a database, you just need persistence. You might as well write the cache to a file then.

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It depends on scalability requirements. If you expect thousands of records, you should use SQL or another DB, although this imposes developer overhead. If you're dealing with a small number, however, you could get by with just serializing objects and saving them to disk.

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