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I've got an Ajax call from the stop event of my jQuery UI sortable that currently looks like this:

stop:function(event, ui) {
        type: "POST",
        url: "<?php echo site_url('messages/reorder'); ?>",
        data: $("#messagelist").sortable("serialize")

Now, that's fine, and it's working (messages/reorder is a server-side Ajax function that updates the database based on the serialised IDs.)

However, I have multiple lists I could be editing from this page, and I need to pass along the ID of the "parent" object of the list, too.

Is there a standard way of doing this? I know the ID server-side when generating the page. Is there a best-practice way of adding the ID to the "data" that's passed along in my Ajax call?

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious; I'm fairly new to jQuery and Javascript and entirely new to "sortable"...

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I ended up doing this by the simple expedient of:

data: "parent_id=" + p_id + "&" + $("#messagelist tbody").sortable("serialize")
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