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I'm new to JSF. What i want is to click on something and when i do i want to run a bean method AND send the request with GET so i can set Parameters that will show on the URL of the next page.

I tried with this navigation-rule, the method will execute and return "success_selectedUserToCard", it will forward me to-view-id but the parameters are removed:


So my URL on the following page will be only: /jspx/user_to_card.faces

P.S. I am using JSF 1. Cannot move to JSF 2

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Use ExternalContext#redirect() instead.

public void submit() {
    // Do your job here.
    ExternalContext externalContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext();

Nasty, but since you aren't using JSF 2.0 which supports includeViewParams, there's no other way.

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