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I created a documentation site on Google Sites, and now I have to hand in that as a printed Document. I need all pages in the site converted to PDF to take to a printer, and I'm now realizing that GDocs has no "export as document" option. How can I accomplish this?

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I am also looking for the same functionality for the same reason (using Google Sites as a documentation wiki). Best I can recommend is editing the HTML raw to include a print style to at least collapse menus :( –  texas-bronius Feb 7 '14 at 16:47

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Not really a programming question, but you could install something like CutePDF and print the document directly to PDF. This software basically adds a new printer driver and asks you for a file name, producing a PDF rather than a printed hard copy.

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Actually, that works as you say with google docs, but not with google sites. –  Alex Siri Nov 25 '10 at 10:31

If I log into my google documents and select a document, then a "more activities" -> Export then I can store the doc locally.

Perhaps the wording don't match up, I use a swedish gui, and just did a direct translation...

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Well you could just click


this would run the print command and then click on "save as pdf"? I guess this should do it if I understand your question correctly.

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