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Hi There I'm looking to create a custom call application.

i.e I want to replace the default application handling call :S.

I'M SURE THAT I WANT TO REINVENT THE WHEEL Sometimes current wheels are ain't good for me.

Can you put me on a start up line. I used to be a married to M$ ".net developer", and I'm in love with gOOgle.

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As Emmanuel has already stated, it is not possible to truly replace the phone app without recompiling the operating system. Even on a rooted device, you are still locked into the vendor firmware and trying to work backwards from there would be a tenuous proposition at best. Now, it is possible to receive notifications in certain event types and preform actions there, but I doubt this is what you want to do.

However, for those who must know what goes on under the hood, take a look here

For exposed telephony interface (including SMS API), see android.telephony

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It's not possible to replace the phone application besides making a custom operating system and install it on rooted phones. But that's a lot of trouble.

But you can develop a separate application and have it make phone calls or intercept incoming calls. But while the user is talking on phone he'll still see the old phone application.

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