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I am using RabbitMQ to route messages to interested subscribers by topic. Each subscriber has a queue, and I bind the queue to the topics they are interested in. I would like to allow the user to remove an item from their topic list.

In my setup, that would require "unbinding" the bound topic from that user's queue.

I am using pyamqplib, and I am not seeing a way to do this via the channel object. Is their a way to remove previously bound routing keys from a queue?

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public void unsubscribe(String queuename, String topic) throws IOException
   ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory();

   Connection connection = factory.newConnection();
   Channel channel = connection.createChannel();
      channel.exchangeDeclarePassive("Channel name");
      channel.queueUnbind(queuename, "Channel name", topic);
      handleClose(connection, channel);
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