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I host two sites in a single sitecore environment. I've modified web.config so that

<site hostName="" startItem="/home" ... />
<site hostName="" startItem="/SecondSite/Homepage" ... />

The problem is that menu links I generate in xslt rendering using sc:path(.) are too long.

I want the links look like

Please, give me a hint.

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The true root of the site is SiteRoot + StartItem, thus in your case it is /sitecore/content/SecondSIte/Homepage. The page you generate a link to in your XSL rendering is not under the root of the site - it is the same level as the Homepage.

sc:path(.) should give you a friendly link, and for each page under the Homepage it will be, but for the items outside the root it will concatenate it with the full path: /sitecore/content/blabla...

So, try to move CaptivatingPage under the Homepage, and you'll get what you expect.

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Not sure of the CMS version you are using, but in the web.config, see if there is a linkManager element. If so, try defining the shortenUrls=true attribute.

Another option is to create an xslt extension function that overrides the path method, specifying your own UrlOptions logic.

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