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I am an experienced coder who is trying to learn C# and WPF. Now, I am a bit of a stickler for detail, and I want to make sure my applications blend in with the rest of the user interface. However, I cannot seem to get this done using a ListView. My setup is simple - add a ListView to my window, bind to an ObservableCollection of my choice, and run the application.

The result is that the items pop up just fine (be it without meaningful contents). However, the selection rectangle on a ListView is always the dark blue that throws me back to the pre-XP days as opposed to the neater themed selection you have using the default Windows 7 visual style. To see that kind of selection in action, just select a file in explorer, or for another example look in the Programs and Features in the Control Panel. That looks nice and slick.

How can I get WPF to properly theme my ListView depending on my user settings? I don't want to reinvent the entire selection code and add tons of styling and doodahs like that - I want a plain Windows application that looks okay. The button works fine, textboxes work fine, comboboxes look fine, etc. It's just the ListView that looks totally crap.

Edit: I have no problems using another (very, very preferably not a thirdparty) control if required, but I do want a list of items that looks native and I approach a layout similar to the Tiles option in Explorer for each selected item (icon, desc, extra line of info). Vertical scrolling only is what I need.

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If you use a ListView with ListView.View set to a GridView then you get a pretty similar look as Windows 7 explorer. (Atleast in my opinion, or is this the look you're talking about?). It also follows the active theme

Example 1. ListView with GridView to the right. Selection active

alt text

Example 2. ListView with GridView to the right. Selection inactive

alt text

Example 3. Using High Contrast Theme #2

alt text

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Oh holy cow, so that is the trick. I've been looking a whole damn day for this kind of effect. My only dislike is that something is off about the color - the WPF variety seems to have gone nuts with gamma or saturation or something like it. Shinier? I don't know what to call it; you can see it quite well on your example. Happen to know a fix for that? (My goal still is to look as native as possible.) –  Stigma Nov 23 '10 at 22:31
Yes, I noticed that the first time I saw it too:) No idea why they didn't use the exact same colors as in explorer. Sorry, I don't no a fix for it either. I'm afraid your only option is to create your own colors and use them istead but that's hardly worth it. –  Fredrik Hedblad Nov 23 '10 at 22:40
Fair enough. Thank you for answering a question I've been googling to find a solution to all day. –  Stigma Nov 23 '10 at 22:43

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