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I have a textbox, a standard button and a toolstrip containing a couple of buttons. In the validating event of the textbox i coded to check whether it is blank. If yes then it shows a message 'Enter Value'. When the standard button is clicked while the textbox is empty, it's validating properly and showing the message but when the toolstripbutton is clicked it's not not validating the textbox and no message is being shown. It seems that I gotto write the validation code explicitly in the toolstripbutton_click event which is too troublesome when there are multiple textboxes and toolstripbuttons on a single form. What I want to know is whether the textbox_validating can be fired while the toolstripbutton is clicked? Handling toolstrips is really a headache. Please help. I'm badly in need of it. Regards.

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The ToolStripItem classes are special, they don't derive from Control. One side-effect of that is that they don't take the focus away from the active control. And that prevents the Validating event from firing.

Several things you can do. You could call the textbox' parent's ValidateChildren() method. Or you could move the focus yourself:

    private void toolStripButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
        if (btnSave.Focused) btnSave.PerformClick();
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Write the following in toolstripbutton click event:

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You can call the textbox_validating procedure from the procedure that handles the toolstripbutton click event, but you may have to add some logic to see if it passed validation before proceeding with the rest of the toolstripbutton_click event. Since you said you have a lot of textboxes to validate, you might want to consider making a Validate() function that returns true or false and checks all of the textboxes. Then all you have to do is check if Validate() = true and call the same function from all of your toolstrip buttons instead of copying the same code over and over again.

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