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I'm using Jira and have been told by the sysadmin that GreenHopper has been installed.

However, I see no evidence that GreenHopper has been installed.

Is there a simple way to determine whether or not GreenHopper has been installed?

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There should be a new top-level tab "Agile". The plugin may have been installed but the license not installed? – mdoar Mar 26 '12 at 17:42
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Once greenhopper is installed, it needs to be enabled for the project. In the greenhopper administration section you can choose to enable it for all projects or only selected ones.

I believe the default setting has it only for selected projects, with none selected.

Edit: you can find that setting in the administration section under Greenhopper -> Enabled Projects.

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The video on GreenHopper illustrates some of the feature that you should be able to see.

In particular, you should be able to access the Planning Board on your project, meaning there should be an 'Agile' link's down-arrow in the top navigation bar and a 'Planning Board' from the resulting dropdown menu.

alt text

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If you are a JIRA Admin, simply go to the Adminstration > JIRA Administration > System > Plugin, the look at the "Installed plugin" section whether you have "GreenHopper".

I you are not a JIRA Admin, and you are running the latest version of JIRA and GreenHopper, you will see the "Agile" tab besides the "Dashboard", "Projects", "Issues".

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