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I am planning to write a piece of code using the media foundation API which is available after vista. I want to add the code inside a #if block something like...

#if <SomeMacro>
// all the classes using MediaFoundation go here.

I could not find a macro to detect the operating system version. How is this normally done on windows?? I found _WIN32 and _WIN64 to detect 32-bit and 64-bit but no macros to determine api availability. Is there a better way of isolating code based on API availability in vc..?

Thanks, Abhinay.

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Yes, here they are:

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Not really. The best you can do is to key off the WIN32_WINNT macro, but that doesn't help you if someone turns around and tries to run your application on XP.

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Try the _WIN32_WINNT and WINVER macros. More info here:

Try something like,

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