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I am attempting to use My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile to download a file from an ftp server. Everytime I attempt to download the file using:


I receive the following error within the file that is to be downloaded:

Server error message

ISA Server: extended error message :

200 Type set to I.

200 PORT command successful.

550 /datafiles/sm/viewcontrol.ip: No such file or directory.

I have tried WebClient as well and get the exact same error. I only have this problem in code. The folder and the file name are correct and the user is able to download the file manually using DOS FTP and Internet explorer.

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Answer 1

  • Check the filename and full path isn't case sensitive, or are in the correct case.
  • Check you are using the exact same username and password, may exist for one user and not another.

Answer 2

The specified Username and Password parameters could be just for HTTP. Try specifying both the username and password in the URL e.g.


Anwser 3

Something strange about the use of absolute paths, try changing your code to include %2f like this:

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Everything is in lowercase which is the correct case. The same username and password is being used in code and when I downloaded the file manually. –  Chris Nov 23 '10 at 17:23
Added additional Answers 2 and 3 –  Dean Taylor Nov 23 '10 at 17:49

In order to get this to work I switched to using FTPWebRequest. Initially, I was getting the same error. However, since the file being downloaded is a text file, I changed the UseBinary property to False and it worked.

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