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i use eclipse for coding, but i have a problem: when i debug a c++ project eclipse automatic switch to the debug view but i don't want the automatic switch, how can i disable it?

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The general "turn on the debugger perspective" control can be found thusly:

  1. Window->Preferences... menu item
  2. choose "Run/Debug" on the left, about half-way down.
  3. "Activate the [workbench/view]" check boxes.

Whether or not the C/C++ suite obeys those settings is another matter. If it doesn't work, it's a bug, as there's no C-specific setting for it (that I could find).

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For Android (and maybe other editing modes) go to window->preferences->run/debug->Perspectives->Select Android Application->On the left toggle [Debug] to none –  tjb Oct 29 '11 at 11:24
Eclipse must have changed since this technique does not work anymore. Oliver Bock suggestion do work. –  yrnkrn Dec 26 '13 at 21:42

The accepted answer did not work for me debugging Java on Eclipse Juno SR1, but this did:

  1. Window | Preferences... menu item
  2. Choose Run/Debug on the left, about half-way down.
  3. Choose Perspectives under that
  4. Select Never at Open the associated perspective when launching and Open the associated perspective when an application suspends
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Thank you! This did work for me on Kepler, the accepted answer didnt. –  timtip Aug 13 '13 at 10:04

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