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i've found this interesting widget and in particular i'm interested in display chart. The problem is i can't find how to. Does anyone know this widget and know how to show a simple chart, and finally, post an example here ?


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Check out the graph demo here. In particular, most of the time you instantiate a Graph2D object, add the necessary X and Y axes (usually LinearAxis which implements IAxis) and then add whatever IPlot instances you want to be shown on the graph (e.g. a LinePlot or HistogramPlot)

You can look at the AddRandomLinePlot method in that demo to see that in action.

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all I assume that you have aready download Medsphere.Widgets,and build successfully and get Medsphere.Widgets.dll.

First ,you should create a new GTK# project. Secondly, add the GraphDemo.cs which is in the Demo files into your solution. And modify the GraphDemo's constructor: modify" public GraphDemo ():base("Graph Demo")"into " public GraphDemo (Mainwindow window):base("Graph Demo")". Thirdly,edit your Main(string[] args) like this:

public static viod Main()
          MainWindow testWindow=new MainWindow();
          GraphDemo testGD=new GraphDemo(testWindow);//this is key.

       fellow these steps, you can get the beautiful chart.

Hope this can help you,look forward to receive your feeback.

yours, Demi

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