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I’m having some trouble getting the primefaces dyanmic graphic image to display for a certain scenario where I’m trying to display an image on a facelet page (retrieved from a database) and the page is invoked by a URL (not h:commandLink). It works on other pages with requests processed through h:commandButton. However all the data but the image appears for the following scenario...

  1. fundraiseView.xml (facelet page) html ... p:graphicImage value="#{fundraisePage.picture}"/ ... /html

  2. FundraisePage (request scoped backing bean with request param)

    public class FundraisePage extends BackingBean {
      @EJB DataSBLocal dataSB;
      StreamedContent picture;
      private int id;
      public void init() {
        this.fundRaiseEO = dataSB.getFundRaiseIndividual(id);
        InputStream inputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(this.fundRaiseEO.getPicture());
        this.setPicture(new DefaultStreamedContent(inputStream, "image/jpeg"));
  3. When I invoke the page via http://...../faces/fundraiseView.xml?id=1 the page returns displaying all the data for id 1 but without displaying the picture. I’m sure it has to do with how I’m calling the page (since I have it working else where) however I need it to be a request initiated outside a JSF wrapped tag.

Any insight or suggestions very much appreciated.

Thanks, Johnathan

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Found the answer in another thread.

Loading a set of images with primefaces

I needed to use tag f:parm name="id" value="#{fundraisePage.id}" within the p:graphicImage tag so it accepts the id as a lookup param. As well change the value on image tag to this method in property...

public StreamedContent getImage () {

     FundRaise fundRaiseEO = new FundRaise();
     fundRaiseEO = dataSB.getFundRaiseIndividual(id);
     return new DefaultStreamedContent(new ByteArrayInputStream(fundRaiseEO.getPicture()), "image/jpeg"); \\ or whatever your image mime type.


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