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I had a rails 2.2 app running, when I tried to add the latest rspec plugin to it. I did that checking it from github with the script/plugin install command. That made some rake task to stop working, I googled for a while and found that I had to upgrade RubyGems. I did that and got the following error:

uninitialized constant Gem::GemRunner

It was a small and simple app under version control, so I erased everything, and apt-get remove ruby and rubygems, and reinstalled everything once again (doing apt-get install ruby, rubygems)

The problem it's still there, and I can't figure how to solve it. I'm quite new with Ubuntu, so maybe I'm not removing the packages really? (it takes very little time to execute the apt-get removes, so I'm not very confident)

What am I doing wrong? Is that a good way to do a 'clean start' (removing via apt and then reinstalling?)

PS: I've read that the problem is solved by modifiing framework.rb, but I cant find that file in the location that the author states...

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I have a blog post that solves this issue.

It's because it's still trying to use the old gem executable, so you just symbolically link the new one (gem1.8) in place of the old one.

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