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I have an array defined:

int [,] ary;
// ...
int nArea = ary.Length; // x*y or total area

This is all well and good, bug I need to know how wide this array is in the x and y dimensions individually. Namely, they ary.Length might return 12 - but does that mean the array is 4 high and 3 wide, or 6 high and 2 wide?

How can I retrieve this information?

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You use Array.GetLength with the index of the dimension you wish to retrieve.

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.Rank for the number of dimensions. In the case this is 2, .GetLength(0) for the number of rows, .GetLength(1) for the number of columns. –  Colonel Panic Nov 27 '12 at 11:53
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Use GetLength(), rather than Length.

int width = ary.GetLength(0);
int height = ary.GetLength(1);
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for 2 dimensional array

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// Two-dimensional GetLength example.
int[,] two = new int[5, 10];
Console.WriteLine(two.GetLength(0)); // Writes 5
Console.WriteLine(two.GetLength(1)); // Writes 10
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