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Hi I'm using GigaSpaces XAP which basically uses Spring and ApplicationContext to do all it's init and config etc... At some point in time during the loading of the web application a "cache" or what they call a space proxy is instantiated and is made available through the ServletContext. This space proxy is what allows you to write and read to and from the clustered cache.

So what I did initially was to get the space on each REST method. So...

@GET public String myMethod() { space = (GigaSpace)context.getAttribute("mySpace"); space.write(new HelloWorld());; etc... return "Hello World!"; }

Since the space itself is thread safe I was instructed by the GigaSpaces guys to lookup the space once on init of my "application" so i can save on the lookup of the space.

So I looked into @PostConstrust where I did...

@PostConstruct public void init() { space = (GigaSpace)context.getAttribute("mySpace"); }

But it seems that this method is being called on every request I make! Does this mean my REST service is being created for each request I make? Is it because I'm using @Scope("request")?

If it Helps the servlet container is Jetty 7.1.4 and I'm using standard WAR to deploy.

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if you have access to logs/console, throw a print in the bean constructor – NG. Nov 23 '10 at 20:11
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But of course! System.out.println("Is your friend!")

And yes it is because of @Scope("request") changing to @Scope("singleton") causes the jersey "bean" to instantiate once instead of per request.

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