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When writing code in X++ you sometimes need to reference this.functionYouWant() and sometimes it is element.FunctionYouWant(). Sometimes both are in scope. I often try one and if the function I want isn't there I try the other. Is there a rule that explains when to use "this" and when to use "element"?

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"this" can be used in any objects to reference the current object and member methods.

MorphX forms and reports are composite objects.

In forms the collection of objects is contained within a FormRun object. You can reference members in the outer FormRun object by using the "element" reference.

If your code is placed at the top level there are no functional difference between "this" and "element".

If your code is placed in a FormDataSource "this" will reference the datasource but "element" will reference the "FormRun".

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This made it clear to me and it's well said. Thank you! –  jitsCode Mar 7 '12 at 13:29

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