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I've got a postgres table where the ID is defined as bigserial. How can I use @Insert and get back the id of the inserted entity? I am expecting the mapper method to either return the id or populate the id field inside the entity object. Any ideas?

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For some reason this doesn't work me on mysql :(… – ripper234 Nov 26 '10 at 7:21
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NVM, i think i found the answer on the other thread,

There's the link for anyone else who lands here.

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The mapper will return you the number of records that were actually inserted. In order to get back the id of the inserted record, you'll need to add a second annotation (that will populate the id) :

@Options(useGeneratedKeys=true, keyProperty="idSomething")

Note that keyProperty is not necessary if the identifiyng property is named "id" in your entity object.

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