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I have some hierarchical data in a Rails 3 applications. It allows the user to quickly drill down into the data set. I would like to prevent people from running bots successfully against this site with some sort of JS-based obfuscation. Has anyone done this before?

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Rails has one instance of an obfuscation helper for use with email addresses. It might give you some ideas..


I suppose you could use Flash too.. That's notoriously hard for spiders to grok. In general though this is a losing proposition.


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What I decided to do here was to put in something that detects requests per minute from a specific IP address, then automatically blacklist that IP (redirect them to a "you've been blacklisted page and save their IP in a blacklists table) if they exceed a configurable amount. I caught the GoogleBot the first night and then set up a whitelist as well.

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