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I have a java program that I ultimately want to deploy it on the web.

I started off creating a jar file from bunch of classes:

jar cfe tbi.jar trail1modified trail1modified.class InitialKeypad.class InitialKeypad$1.class InitialKeypad$2.class InitialKeypad$thehandler.class InitialKeypad$thehandler2.class InitialKeypad$thehandler3.class InitialKeypad$thehandler4.class Keypad5$1.class Keypad5$thehandler.class Keypad5$thehandler2.class Keypad5$thehandler3.class Keypad5.class Keypad6$1.class Keypad6$thehandler.class Keypad6$thehandler2.class Keypad6$thehandler3.class Keypad6.class Keypad7$1.class Keypad7$thehandler.class Keypad7$thehandler2.class Keypad7$thehandler3.class Keypad7.class Keypad8$1.class Keypad8$thehandler.class Keypad8$thehandler2.class Keypad8$thehandler3.class Keypad8.class Keypad9$1.class Keypad9$thehandler.class Keypad9$thehandler2.class Keypad9$thehandler3.class Keypad9.class Keypad10$1.class Keypad10$thehandler.class Keypad10$thehandler2.class Keypad10$thehandler3.class Keypad10.class Keypad11$1.class Keypad11$thehandler.class Keypad11$thehandler2.class Keypad11$thehandler3.class Keypad11.class Keypad12$1.class Keypad12$thehandler.class Keypad12$thehandler2.class Keypad12$thehandler3.class Keypad12.class Keypad13$1.class Keypad13$thehandler.class Keypad13$thehandler2.class Keypad13$thehandler3.class Keypad13$thehandler4.class Keypad13.class Keypad14$1.class Keypad14$thehandler.class Keypad14$thehandler2.class Keypad14$thehandler3.class Keypad14$thehandler4.class Keypad14.class ReKeypad.class ReKeypad$1.class ReKeypad$2.class ReKeypad$thehandler.class ReKeypad$thehandler2.class ReKeypad$thehandler3.class ReKeypad$thehandler4.class time.class time2.class trail2$1.class trail2$2.class trail2.class UO$1.class UO$2.class UO$thehandler.class UO$thehandler2.class UO$thehandler3.class UO.class

Now I wish to create a JNLP file. I am following this http://download.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/deployment/webstart/deploying.html

I am bit lost on the JNLP part. How do I create it? And what does it signifies? Are there any tutoring videos on (for example) creating a simple Hello World program --> jar file --> JNLP file --> HTML stage --> java web application.

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Note that a WebStart Application and a Web Application are two very different application types. A WebStart app is launched from the web, but then runs on the user's machine. A Web app runs in a Servlet container on a web server. –  Powerlord Nov 23 '10 at 21:39
Oh ok. Webstart application is the one I am interested in –  razshan Nov 23 '10 at 21:44

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Take a look here, still from Oracle, but definitely better!

Specific topic about JNLP syntax: http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/guides/javaws/developersguide/syntax.html#example

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And take a minute, pack your classes into jar. It is much more convenient!

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Yeah a .jar file will make your life easier –  tegbains Nov 23 '10 at 22:01
yes all the classes are in this jar file : tbi.jar –  razshan Nov 23 '10 at 22:02

A brief Description:

Java Web Start is a mechanism for program delivery through a standard Web server. Typically initiated through the browser, these programs are deployed to the client and executed outside the scope of the browser. Once deployed, the programs do not need to be downloaded again, and they can automatically download updates on startup without requiring the user to go through the whole installation process again

Look at this. This includes the simplest and comapct steps to create a jnlp file.

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