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Say you've got an app that can send out POST requests every time an action happens. It allows subscriptions to add/drop quickly and effortlessly.

Say that site is Stackoverflow and it can send a you POST notification every time a new question is asked. Would there be any way to consume notifications like this in browser?

I imagine a case when you spend > 5 min on a page you start to get notifications if it's updated since your last page refresh. I understand how you could do this via long polling but I am wondering if there's any way to hook into these server-to-client POST requests (vs. repeated GET client-to-server requests) from a browser and let data be pushed to you instead.

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For pushing you could take a look at HTML5 WebSocket API.

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How about a lightweight web server on the client like Jetty?

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Thanks for this. Will look into it now! – buley Nov 24 '10 at 15:21

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