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I have a two-part question:

1) what are available for open source 'screen recorder' tools? Here is what I got so far, but I have not evaluated them yet as I'm trying to collect the list first:







2) Is there any test management/manual test software that currently uses screen recorders with manual testing to record what the tester does during each test case (instead of requiring them to manually print-screen one step at a time).

Intent is to find a better way to, screen-by-screen, see what gets entered on the 'screens' throughout the test case cycle to help with problem identification if a problem occurs. 'Screens' could be identified as either web-based (traditional or ajax) or thick-client (java, .net, whatever).

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Try recordmydesktop and gtk-recordmydesktop. It simple, lightweight and will give u a nice video screencast. Just install and press the stop or play button from your panel, videos will be saved in *.ogv formats.

$ sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop gtk-recordmydesktop

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