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I am building a view (web form) that will display various messages based on the state of a persons License. There are approximately 10 messages that the user will see. I don't really want to create multiple panels and show/hide and populate form fields based on the state...I would rather set a single property on the page...lets just call it:

    public String Message

The message will include html formatting and some of the messages are much longer than other messages...I guess I am looking for a decent pattern to follow so this will be easily manageable...so my presenter will just return the formatted message based on the state of the license.

I am thinking I will create a abstract MessageTemplateBaseClass and classes for each message that build the message...The presenter will return the correct instance of the template based on the license state...

Does this sound like a decent approach?

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I think it sounds reasonable. You could also look into the state pattern for your license entity in you have not yet already. –  dexter Nov 23 '10 at 22:22

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Yes that would work, or potentially define an IKeyMessage interface that has this definition, and each presenter checks if its view defines this interface, casts it, and sets it appropriately.


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