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I need to insert some data into mysql. I am not sure if I need to check the inputs OR format/strip them before they could be inserted into database fields as results returned from web may contain characters that mysql do not accept(I think). I have trouble with inserting tweets into mysql table. The type of field is varchar. This is insert statement in php script:

$json = $_POST['msg_top'];
      $msg = json_decode($json);
           foreach($msg->entry as $status)
                 $t = $status->content;
                 $query = "INSERT INTO msg2(id,msg,msg_id,depth) VALUES ('','$t','ID','3')";
                 if(!mysql_query($query, $dbh))
                 {die('error:' .mysql_error());} 
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What error do you get? Where does this fail? This calls for basic debugging –  Pekka 웃 Nov 23 '10 at 22:33
How could I do basic debugging? The problem for me with testing it is that as it gets data by post from a js script, I check the values in database are they inserted or not. But I do not know how to check if the error occurs data not being POSTed or any problem in this file. Bec there is no data If I just run this to check if it has a problem. –  XCeptable Nov 23 '10 at 23:28
Well, even if it's from an AJAX request, you can still just return whatever strings you like and view them in console of the Firebug extension for Firefox. –  zanlok Nov 24 '10 at 2:15

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Yes, it's very important to escape all values before using them in an SQL command.

$json = $_POST['msg_top'];
$msg = json_decode($json);
foreach($msg->entry as $status) {
    $t = mysql_real_escape_string($status->content);
    $query = "INSERT INTO msg2(id,msg,msg_id,depth) VALUES ('','$t','ID','3')";
    if( !mysql_query($query, $dbh) ) {
        die('error:' .mysql_error());

Also, other possible issues with your query:

  1. If the id field is auto_increment'ing, you don't need it in the field or value list.
  2. I may be missing something, but why are you using the string 'ID' for the msg_id field?

As for help troubleshooting this, I'd recommend just appending all of the $query strings to a log file for later inspection. Then, if problems aren't readily apparent, you can just manually try to run the command on the database (ie: maybe via PhpMyAdmin) and check out any error codes from there.

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