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I have designed a layout in such a way that I can make most of the images using CSS3 (using gradients, etc) I want to make as much use of HTML5 and CSS3 possible. But I can't ignore the browsers that don't support them yet. So, I was wondering is there a way to detect a browser first and then if it is a non-HTML5/CSS3 supporting browser, the code will load the images and if it is an HTML5/CSS3 supporting browser, it will use advanced code instead. This will save a lot of loading time for them.

What are your views about it? Is this a good approach? How to detect browser before anything else loads on the site?

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Check out HTML5 boilerplate, it was made to address those issues very toroughly.
Also CSS3Pie can be used to add CSS3 support for IE. I forgot wether its part of the HTML5 boilerplate or not.

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Ok. Let me check that. Thank for your response. – JMDee Nov 23 '10 at 23:07

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