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I am looking into having a basic red-bar scan across an image displayed on an image view a vew times, back and forth, as to make it seem like a picture is being scanned. Has anyone ever done this, know how easy it is or could they point me in the right direction on how to do this?


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Step #1: Create a PNG file (or possibly a ShapeDrawable) that is your scan bar, with appropriate transparency as you see fit.

Step #2: Add an ImageView to your RelativeLayout that holds the image from step #1, possibly set to have android:visible="gone" at the outset. Make sure the ImageView is a later child of the RelativeLayout than is your ImageView that you are "scanning", so it will appear to float on top.

Step #3: Use a TranslateAnimation to animate the ImageView from step #2 (after making it visible) by whatever pattern you want.

Step #4: When the animation is complete (via the AnimationListener), make the ImageView be gone again to return you to the state you were before the animation began.

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