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We have a project set up with maven for resolving dependancies. It usually works fine, but now I am trying to compile and run it on a new PC and I have problem with missing dependencies in Eclipse.

What is funny is that if I run "mvn package" in console or in eclipse, it works fine and even produces war containing all necessary jars. Only Eclipse complains with "The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for org.slf4j.Logger...". If I compare the project with some other computer (where project works fine), I notice that there are quite a few libraries missing under "Maven dependencies" listing in Eclipse. Eventhough they are in the packaged war and they can be found also under repository folder.

So, the jar-s are there just Eclipse won't list them all under "Maven dependencies". What can I do?

Computer is running on Windows 7 with 64bit java & eclipse.

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Is it a scope issue like in – VonC Nov 24 '10 at 5:11
This isn't worth posting an answer, but for anyone reading this in the future, it seems you need to type at least three characters without wildcards. Eg typing "t" or "to" won't show any results, but "tom" will. Believe it or not, I spent about an hour searching for different reasons before realising this. – ThomCunningham Sep 18 '15 at 11:43

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Problem solved!

I don't know what exactly solved it, but I did 4 things in Eclipse:

  • Window->Preferences: Maven->Installations: Global settings -> open file and hardcoded localRepository
  • Project->Clean
  • right click on project: Maven->Update dependencies
  • right click on project: Maven->Update project configuration

I guess it was the Update dependencies since right after first two there were no change.

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Project -> clean usually does the job in cases like this, but sometimes you also have to do mvn test-compile (or something similar) on the shell – Sean Patrick Floyd Nov 24 '10 at 9:08
I know "Project->Clean" and I've tried it, but it didn't help at first. – hostnik Nov 27 '10 at 12:10
It was the last point. Update project configuration will add a "Maven Dependencies" library to your project. – Eduard Wirch Aug 30 '11 at 16:40
FYI, I first had to right click on my project, go to Configure and "Convert to Maven project." – duma Jul 24 '14 at 16:10
Expanding on Eduard Wirch's answer, I also had to check the "Force Update of Snapshots/Releases" box found at Maven->Update Project... window. My missing artifact was a Snapshot and somehow wasn't updating well without forcing it. – evaldeslacasa Jul 10 '15 at 14:44

I had this issue for dependencies that were created in other projects. Downloaded thirdparty dependencies showed up fine in the build path, but not a library that I had created.

SOLUTION: In the project that is not building correctly, right-click on the project and choose Properties, and then Maven. Uncheck the box labeled "Resolve dependencies from Workspace projects", hit Apply, and then OK. Right-click again on your project and do a Maven->Update Snapshots (or Update Dependencies) and your errors should go away when your project rebuilds (automatically if you have auto-build enabled).

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Thanks, that resolved my issue. Seems to point to it being an Eclipse bug. – smackfu Apr 1 '15 at 18:37

I'm also new to Eclipse, and I've been having a similar problem where Eclipse just won't recognize an import statement, even though all signs point to the dependency having been successfully downloaded.

You should check that your dependency file has actually been downloaded by going to the command line and typing

mvn dependency:tree

If you see your package there, then but Eclipse doesn't acknowledge it, the thing that works for me (sometimes) is to go to the terminal, cd into the project folder, and type

mvn eclipse:clean then mvn eclipse:eclipse

Finally refresh project in eclipse

I don't know why this works, and sometimes it doesn't work once, then doing it again does work... so worth a try!

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My Project was just screwed up. Here is how I fixed it for Eclipse Indigo x64 (J2EE 3.7.3):

  1. Deleted my POM file (backedup of course).
  2. Project Context Menu > Maven > Disable Maven Nature.
  3. Deleted the project (but not contents on disk).
  4. Re-imported as Import > General > Existing Project.
  5. Project Context Menu > Configure > Convert to Maven Project....
  6. Accept defaults from Maven wizard.
  7. Overwrite POM with your backedup POM. (Now you have Maven Dependencies folder).
  8. Maven Update/Clean for good measure.

Hope that helps someone. :)

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This helps me! I don't know what's wrong, but I'm using 64-bit Juno / Springsource 3 and it always fails to import my Maven projects correctly. If I check out as a regular project, rename my POM, then follow your directions from step 5 onward, it works. Otherwise, nothing I try will get the Maven dependencies added to my project aside from command-line mvn eclipse:eclipse which is just awful. – ngreen Sep 29 '12 at 19:05
this worked for. – omega May 17 '13 at 10:14
this worked for me. – Tirtha Jun 18 '13 at 11:22
I did this but I still have not the maven dependencies folder. Here is my pom.xml file and I think it is why I have this problem: <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion> <groupId>antlr.tuto.calco</groupId> <artifactId>CalculatriceAntlr</artifactId> <version>0.0.1-SNAPSHOT</version> </project> – Anatch Mar 24 '15 at 16:33

I had a similar problem. I solved it by running the Maven->Update Project Configuration action

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If you have "nested paths" errors after performing Maven -> Update Project Configuration (or in Juno it's "Update Configuration...") then your build path is misconfigured.

Right-click project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path

Ensure that only '/src' and directories at that level are included. If you have e.g. '/src' and also '/src/main/resources' present, this is incorrect. The second resource ('/src/main/resources') is "nested" under the first ('/src') which is causing your inability to import resources, since it prevents eclipse from seeing maven dependencies.

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My issue sounds similar so I'll add to the discussion. I had cancelled the import of an existing maven project into Eclipse which resulted in it not being allowed to Update and wouldn't properly finish the Work Space building.

What I had to do to resolve it was select Run As... -> Maven build... and under Goals I entered dependency:go-offline and ran that.

Then I right clicked the project and selected Maven -> Update Project... and updated that specific project.

This finally allowed it to create the source folders and finish the import.

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This worked for me – Newt Feb 26 '14 at 10:39

It's so amazing that this one problem has so many different causes and possible solutions. I found yet a different solution that worked for me.

Well, it's not so much a solution but a discovery: I can see the Maven Dependencies node in the Package Explorer, which is the default for the Java perspective, but I can not see it in the Java EE perspective, which uses the Project Explorer by default. Both of those explorers look very similar at quick glance, so you may expect to see the Maven Dependencies in both.

As I was trying to figure this out, I hadn't realized that difference, so it wasn't really a problem for me in the end after all.

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the whole project looked weird in eclipse, maven dependencies folder were missing, it showed some types as unknown, but I was able to build it successfully in maven. What fixed my issue was adding gen folder to source path on project build path.

Probably this is similar to this Android /FBReaderJ/gen already exists but is not a source folder. Convert to a source folder or rename it

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I could solve the error by 1) Right click (your maven project) -> maven -> maven install

After successful installation

2) Right click (your maven project) -> maven -> update project. And the whole error of maven got solved!

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Try this in your project directory mvn eclipse:eclipse

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Please elaborate. Why do you think this will solve the issue? As it stands, this answer is not very useful. – neontapir Jun 5 '14 at 7:06

Well, I tried everything posted here, unfortunately nothings works in my case. So, trying different combinations I came out with this one that solved my problem.

1) Open the .classpath file at the root of your eclipse's project.

2) Insert the following entry to the file:

<classpathentry kind="con" path="org.eclipse.m2e.MAVEN2_CLASSPATH_CONTAINER">
            <attribute name="maven.pomderived" value="true"/>
            <attribute name="org.eclipse.jst.component.nondependency" value=""/>

Then, rebuild your project at eclipse (Project->Clean-Build).

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Well, I tried everything posted here, unfortunately nothings works in my case. So, trying different combinations I came out with this one that solved my problem.

1) Open the .classpath file at the root of your eclipse's project.

2) Insert the following entry to the file:

<classpathentry kind="con" path="org.eclipse.m2e.MAVEN2_CLASSPATH_CONTAINER">
            <attribute name="maven.pomderived" value="true"/>
            <attribute name="org.eclipse.jst.component.nondependency" value=""/>

Then, rebuild your project at eclipse (Project->Clean-Build). You now can check at the Java Build Path of you project at the Libraries tab the Maven Dependencies included: enter image description here

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Thanks that worked for me ... – Ali Feb 21 '15 at 18:29
This is the first thing everyone should try. Open the .classpath file that will be in your project directory with notepad and add the lines mentioned and refresh your project. – amit_yo Oct 6 '15 at 14:09
This worked where everything else failed. But do i have to do this for every project i create? Why doesnt it work automatically? What is the real problem? – yeaaaahhhh..hamf hamf Dec 11 '15 at 11:27

So I'm about 4 or 5 years late to this party, but I had this issue after pulling from our repo, and none of the other solutions from this thread worked out in my case to get rid of these warnings/errors.

This worked for me:

From Eclipse go to to Window -> Preferences -> Maven (expand) -> Errors/Warnings. The last option reads "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration" - use the drop-down menu for this option and toggle "Ignore", then Apply, then OK. (At "Requires updating Maven Projects" prompt say OK).

Further Info:

This may not necessarily "fix" the underlying issue(s), and may not qualify as "best practice" by some, however it should remove/supress these warnings from appearing in Eclipse and let you move forward at least. Specifically - I was working with Eclipse Luna Service Release 1 (4.4.1) w/ Spring Dashboard & Spring IDE Core (3.6.3), and m2e (1.5) installed, running on Arch Linux and OpenJDK 1.7. I imported my project as an existing maven project and selected OK when warned about existing warnings/errors (to deal with them later).

Suppress/Remove "Plugin Execution not covered..." warnings Eclipse-Maven

(Sorry, I'm not a designer, but added picture for clarity.)

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For me it was sufficient add a buildCommand (org.eclipse.m2e.core.maven2Builder) and a nature (org.eclipse.m2e.core.maven2Nature) in the .project file, like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

and I had enter image description here

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None of the solutions above worked for me, so this answer is for anyone else in my situation. I eventually found the problem myself, and a different solution. The pom.xml file contained a dependencyManagement tag that wrapped the dependencies, and M2Eclipse would not add the Maven Dependencies folder when this was present. So, I removed this tag, then carried out the solution offered by Ualter Jr., and Eclipse immediately added the missing folder!

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This is how I solved it

  • Window->Preferences: Maven->User Settings (Click on "open file" in resulting window, or just edit settings.xml with an external text editor like Notepad) Make sure localRepository (which is displayed in this window) is correct. I had a typo in my file.
  • Once you have corrected settings.xml, click on Update Settings, which is on this same Preferences->Maven->User Settings screen.

Now rebuild, and it will install the latest JAR's in the correct location.

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For me the problem was maven couldn't find the settings.xml file which is located in myMavenFolder\conf.

What I did to fix the issue was to select the right location of the settings.xml file from eclipse:
Window -> Preferences -> Maven -> User Settings

Finally, hit apply and update your project

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Just in case anybody has tried all the other options and you are still stuck, try right-clicking on the project folder, head over to Maven option and click the "add dependency" button. For some reason Eclipse isn't updating the dependencies manually from the pom.xml at first try.

screen shot of menu selection

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