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I am trying to send a simple HTML email thru SQL stored procedure. Is it possible adding a image such as company logo for the email result?

This is a part of stored procedure.

/*Create HTML*/

SET @TableHTML = 
    N'<H4>Production Alert (' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),GETDATE(),101) + ')</H4>' +
    N'<table border="1">' +
    N'<tr>' +
    N'  <td>Company</td>' +
    N'  <td width="70" align="CENTER">Department</td>' +
    N'  <td width="70" align="CENTER">Target</td>' +
    N'  <td width="70" align="CENTER">Shipped</td>' +
    N'  <td width="70" align="CENTER">Achievement by Yesterday</td>' +
    N'  <td width="70" align="CENTER">Achievement for this month</td>' +
    N'  <td width="70" align="CENTER">Difference</td>' +
    N'  <td width="70" align="CENTER">Catch Up QTY</td>' +
    N'</tr>' +

    CAST ( ( SELECT td = a.CompanyName,    '', 'Right' AS "td/@align",
                    td = DepartmentName,   '', 'Left' AS "td/@align",
                    td = ForecastQtyAcc,   '', 'Right' AS "td/@align",
                    td = ShippedQtyAcc,    '', 'Right' AS "td/@align",
                    td = ThePercentage,    '', 'Right' AS "td/@align",
                    td = ThePercentageAll, '', 'Right' AS "td/@align",
                    td = TheDiff,          '', 'Right' AS "td/@align",
                    td = CatchUpQTY,       ''

              FROM #Monthdata a
              FOR XML PATH('tr'), TYPE 
    ) AS NVARCHAR(MAX) ) +
    N'</table>' ;

DROP TABLE #Monthdata

/Email it/ SET @TableHTML = @TableHTML + N'' + N''

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