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I am trying to test an Android application. I need to send mock location to test this. I have registered for requestlocation updates(..)method (as follows)

locationManager.requestLocationUpdates(bestProvider, 20000, 0, this);

Tried sending mock locations through Eclipse DDMS tab as well as telnet-ing from command prompt. telnet commands as follows

telnet localhost 5554
geo fix 1 1

The application works fine (i.e. receives the location changed event) if I run using AVD Emulator using 1.6 to 2.1. However, it is not working for AVD Emulator 2.2. I am using SDK platform Android 2.2 revision 2.

Does anyone come across similar issue? How did you resolve this?

PS. Extra Information. I have selected 'Allow Mock Locations' in all emulators (1.6 to 2.2).
Also, the following line is added in Android Manifest

uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_MOCK_LOCATION"

Issue still persists. Please help

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See the following bug report for a solution to your problem:


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